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Desindo BV is a family business that has been active for more than 3 decades as a wholesaler and supplier of
a wide range of garden wood products in Ghent.
Under the name CFS we distribute a wide range of metal and concrete fencing.
We succeed in offering top quality at a very competitive price.
We consider good service of paramount importance.
Our team will give you technical advice if required.


When you work with our high-quality steel garden edging and retaining wall products, you achieve better results more easily and in less time.

As a designer, architect or garden contractor, you know that the right tools and materials are essential for creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Our products are easy to install, require no special training or skills, and are sold in kits to make quoting and planning your projects easy. With a focus on durability and long-lasting performance, you can trust our products to stand the test of time and deliver consistent, reliable results.
Corten steel products are the smarter choice for landscape professionals because:

Our modular design allows for customization & flexibility in your designs. Our complete solutions provide everything you need to get the job done right. Our products & support bring your designs to life more elegantly & simply.

C.250.000 Flexline H 150mm  x L 2200mm

C.250.005 Flexline H 240mm x L 2160mm

C.250.010 Flexline H 400mm x L 2160mm

To belong:

C.250.025 Self-tapping screws Corten steel

C.250.027 Driver bit

C.250.029 Pop rivets stainless steel

C.250.031 Flat pin for Flexline 150mm

C.250.033 Anchor Small for Flexline 240mm

C.250.035 Anchor Large for Flexline 400mm

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